Testimonials :
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"I thought I was the only one that had this problem! It's encouraging to know that other people have problems with automatic-flush toilets too.This is a great product. It worked for us, and we are so thankful.

Mary B.
Los Angeles, CA

"I found out about the Flush-Stopper from a friend, and decided it was worth a shot. Guess what. This thing really works! I was so happy that I had to send you an email just to express how much "STRESS" you have relieved from my life. Thanks you all so much."

Stephanie M.
West Orange, NJ

"We struggled with public restrooms for months. Whenever we were out and my daughter needed to go potty, she would immediately ask "does it flush by itself?" Then, once we convinced her that it wouldn't (while we were hoping that it really wouldn't), she would cautiously lets us take her to the bathroom. Then once we got in there, she would look around, get all nervous and begin to cry uncontrollably. Then we'd have to leave and she'd end up going in her pull-ups. This was our routine, over and over again. And it was all caused by a bad experience we had with one of those annoying automatic-flush toilets. A few weeks ago I discovered Flush-Stopper. I must tell you how happy I am with the product because my daughter is no longer scared of going into public bathrooms. I only wish that we had one of these earlier so that we didn't have to go through all those months of frustration."

Liz M.
New York, NY

"Until I saw your product, I didn't even realize we had a "problem." I just learned to live with the dreaded automatic-flush anxiety we experienced whenever we were out and had to go to the potty. But when I saw the Flush-Stopper for the first time I thought "wow… that's such a great idea!" So we got one, and it works like a charm. Thanks Flush-Stopper for making me aware of the problem, and for then providing such an easy and effective solution!"

Lisa K.
Atlanta, GA

"My 3-year-old, Emily, is recently toilet-trained but on a trip to the mall a few weeks ago we encountered an interesting obstacle - an auto-flush toilet. The problem was that when Emily sat down, it flushed. Noisily! After 3 flushes while she was sitting, Emily said she didn't need to go anymore, and I couldn't blame her. Then she decided she didn't want to go into bathrooms at all any more when we were out of the house, and began having accidents. I felt like we were going backwards in toilet-training, and became incredibly frustrated. I figured I couldn't be the first person who had run into this situation, so I began to search for a solution. Then I found Flush-Stopper and thought I'd give it a try. And I'm so glad I did. Flush-Stopper really worked for us. It's so easy to use, but really does the trick. It even has a cute design on it that Emily loves. But best of all, Emily now goes to the bathroom when we're out "on the go" without a problem… and she's no longer afraid that the toilet is going to flush while she's sitting on it. Such a small thing has made such a difference in our lives. Thanks Flush-Stopper!"

Amanda P.
Birmingham, AL

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