What is Flush-Stopper?

Flush-Stopper prevents automatic flush toilets from flushing out of control, so your children can go potty in peace.

•  Great for potty-training "on the go."

•  Works with all automatic-flush toilets.

•  Stops and prevents fear of public restrooms.

•  Comes with it's own sanitary travel pouch.

•  Simple to use, and easily fits in your pocketbook.

•  Is an inexpensive solution to a controllable potty training

While automatic-flush toilets may be wonderful for keeping restrooms clean, they can also be very intimidating to children. Automatic-flush toilets rely on an electronic "eye" to determine when the toilet has been vacated and is ready to be flushed. Many children are too short for the electronic eye to detect when they are sitting on the toilet. This causes the toilet to flush while a child is approaching it, or worse… while sitting on it. This can scare children, especially those of potty training age or who have not yet become completely comfortable with using a toilet. Many children not only fear the noise and swirling water of toilets when they flush "out of control," but also think they may be flushed down. This can be detrimental to the potty training process, and can even reverse some of the progress you and your toddler have already made towards potty training success.
But you can now gain back control over automatic-flush toilets, allowing your children to "go potty in peace" in public restrooms. Flush-Stopper is an innovative, patent pending device that prevents automatic-flush toilets from flushing at the worst of times. By using this simple device, you and your toddler can be assured that automatic-flush toilets will not flush until you want them to… when you child is completely finished!

Flush-Stopper is simple to use. Here's how it works:


Press Flush-Stopper firmly on wall, dry pipes or other surface so that Flush-Stopper blocks the toilets electronic "eye" (usually found on the wall behind the toilet).


When finished, remove Flush-Stopper. Toilet will now flush when you walk away.

3. Place back in storage pouch, and keep in your pocketbook until next use.

That's it! And it's guaranteed to work every time.

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